Innovative managed IT and WiFi solutions for the hospitality, tourism & leisure sectors

Whatever your location, whatever your need, we make IT support and WiFi smooth, uncomplicated, hassle-free for the UK’s incredible leisure sector.

Home-from-home internet and IT that simply works. No fuss, no hassle.

Holiday parks

With the proliferation of smart technology, holiday homes and caravans are required to act as ‘smart lodges’ — highly-connected for casual browsing, catching up on the latest social media or streaming the latest on-demand series.

Investing in seamless connectivity for your guests provides added value.

We’ve partnered with brands across the UK’s tourism industry — holiday home sites, caravan parks and lodge resorts — to deliver and support innovative, dynamic and high-performance connectivity and network solutions.

Holiday parks


Being able to connect quickly, smoothly and reliably is as important as it’s ever been to customers at hospitality venues — whether you’re a restaurant, bar, hotel, business centre or even art gallery.

We have decades of experience in designing, implementing and managing comprehensive IT and WiFi solutions that your customers will love, keeping them coming back time and again.

Running a business or organisation in the hospitality sector can be challenging and fast-paced — so leave the IT side of things to us.


Our home IT support & services

High-speed WiFi

The proof within the pudding — always-on, reliable, ultra-fast connectivity for your facility for as many devices as needed.

Customisable and adaptable

We design, implement and manage creative, innovative system re-engineering and infrastructure solutions to maximise performance, whatever the size, shape or location of your facility.

Security & networking

For the ultimate peace of mind about the IT and cyber safety of your leisure facility.

Smooth and simple

We make getting excellent connectivity simple and hassle free. Spread the cost of your IT solution with a bespoke WiFi 4 Leisure delivery package.

Technical support

We’ll be your always-available team of IT experts, at your disposal whenever you need a technical helping hand.


Our innovative, high-speed WiFi solution for Park Leisure

In a remote, secluded location, Oyster Bay holiday park was a blank canvas, it had no internet infrastructure, no network. How did we implement a world-class, ultra-reliable fibre optic solution?


Leisure sector IT & WiFi solutions that just work

The best internet and WiFi experiences are those that you and your customers don't stop to think about.

We have over 20 years’ expertise in delivering creative, fully-managed network infrastructure solutions. Whatever your need, requirement or quandary, our team of experienced, friendly and passionate IT specialists know the answers.

Give yourself one less thing to think about when running your holiday park, restaurant, events venue or other leisure business.


High-performance connectivity as standard for leisure

Always-on, super-reliable, ultra-fast connectivity for your holiday park or hospitality facility.

It’s our mission to ensure your guests have the best WiFi experience possible, whenever they need it.

We work with all sizes and shapes of leisure locations to design, implement and support incredible solutions. Coast, countryside, rural, urban — we’ve worked on it all.

High-speed, hassle-free WiFi is the name of the game. As your specialist leisure sector connectivity partner, we don’t settle for any less than the best.

Innovative infrastructure solutions for a home-from-home experience

We know all the technical tricks to deliver an unbeatable solution that simply works.

After all, that’s all ultimately matters to your paying guests, customers or clients — a solution that performs reliably, quickly and doesn’t frustrate.

With over two decades’ experience in internet infrastructure and having designed and delivered solutions for brands across the UK leisure sector, we know just what it takes to achieve that home-from-home feel.

We’re here to make excellent WiFi, regardless of location, the norm. Being away from the home is no longer an adequate excuse for poor connectivity.

Safe, secure solutions for the ultimate peace of mind

IT threats are always evolving and changing.

If you’re running a hospitality or leisure business, you could probably do without the worry.

Leave things to us. We handle all the behind-the-scenes technical requirements and infrastructure — keeping everything that underpins the IT side of your business under lock and key.


To achieve the best solution, we work with the best.

We’re here to make the IT side of your leisure organisation simple, safe and secure.

We make excellent connectivity effortlessly simple

Excellent, cost-effective IT solutions that take a headache away. No fuss, no hassle.

Time is valuable. The managed internet and WiFi solutions that we deliver are high-speed, easily accessible and completely accommodating of today’s high demands for device connectivity.

IT is synonymous with strain and stress. We make things simple and hassle free — for your guests and staff — by cutting out the nonsense and providing flawless, completely managed solutions. That way, everyone can crack on with all the good stuff that they love.

Operating a leisure business Spread the cost of your IT solution with a bespoke WiFi 4 Leisure delivery package.

We can be your leisure business’ team of technical IT experts

We’re on top of all the upgrades, updates and technical tweaks and fixes — so you don’t have to be.

Whenever you need a technical helping hand with any aspect of your IT and connectivity, we’re on it. That’s why we’re trusted by brands large and small, right across the UK leisure sector.

Who we are

We’re WiFi 4 Leisure, your leisure organisation’s IT and WiFi support partner.

We’ve been providing network infrastructure IT solutions for over two decades, partnering with amazing leisure businesses right across the UK.

We deliver fully-managed WiFi solutions and IT services for leisure organisations of all sizes, shapes and locations, with technical support at every single stage.

Installation, maintenance and easily-accessible, always-on systems. Everything you need to provide your customers with an amazing connectivity experience.