Home PC, computer, laptop & tech repair services in York

Whether you’ve got a broken PC, WiFi connectivity concerns or no battery life, the advice and expertise of our friendly IT engineers will get your tech back up and running at peak performance in no time.

Enjoy a simple, stress-free and high-performance IT home experience. For home IT and computer tech help and support in York and throughout Yorkshire, leave it to us.

Our home IT support & services


Our qualified engineers have seen every problem a device can throw up — after all, we’ve been supporting homes and businesses in York and beyond for over 20 years.

WiFi & Internet

Whether it’s getting you set up, boosting your browsing speed or solving a connectivity crisis, we provide homes throughout York and Yorkshire with world-class, ultra-fast, super-reliable connection solutions.


For everything else. We’re here to be your home IT helping hand, whenever you need us. Our friendly team — and our decades of technical expertise — are only a quick message or phone call away.

Antivirus & antimalware

The nature and sophistication of cybersecurity threats is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Our antivirus and antimalware IT support services are designed for peace of mind.

Collect, repair & return

Unlike many other IT support businesses, we can come to you, collect your devices, work our magic and return them in no time at all.

Device health check

Even with the best of care, our devices pick up problems. We keep your PCs, laptops, smart phones, games consoles and other home tech in tip-top condition.

Flexible home IT support in York

Whatever your tech issue or query, our reliable, professional team of qualified IT specialists have seen it all — and sorted it all.

Find a support package to suit you and your family’s needs, or simply enlist our expertise on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Membership plans

Our reliance on smart devices and home technology is always increasing. The cost and hassle associated with keeping everything running smoothly easily adds up.

Take all of the stress out of your home IT experience with one of our IT4Home Care Plans. We offer three membership packages to suit your pocket and position — personal, family and family & work.

Pay as you go

PC on a go-slow? Printer not playing ball? WiFi giving you grief? Or simply spilled coffee on your laptop?

We offer a handy ‘pay-as-you-go’ repair service for all your devices and home technology troubles. A team of IT experts at your service, whenever you need us — no membership needed

Expert home IT, laptop and computer repair services

We’ll get your devices back up and running in no time.

Our York-based team specialise in repair, maintenance and protection of all your household devices. Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, games consoles, routers, printers — you name it, we’ve fixed it.

Whether it’s hardware failure, a damaged component, a virus issue or something else, IT4Home’s expert engineers have seen it all. From a simple health check to fixing faulty equipment, we’ll put things right in no time.

Home WiFi setup, installation & support

We keep families connected throughout York and Yorkshire.

You don’t need us to tell you about the importance of a fast, reliable internet and WiFi connection. Considering the popularity of smart devices and on-demand video, a connection dropout makes itself apparent almost immediately!

At IT4Home, we know all there is to know about securing top-notch connectivity for your home. We hunt out WiFi-friendly zones, boost limp signals and deal with dodgy routers.

Expert IT support, whatever you need us for

Home IT has the potential to be stressful. So, why not make things hassle free?

Whether it’s a dodgy router, a go-slow laptop, a connectivity blackspot or some corrupted files, we’ve seen it all — trust us.

Pick our brains. Whatever other IT issue you’re experiencing at home, we’ve got the solution ready to go.

Our friendly, qualified IT engineers will most likely be able to solve the problem remotely. If not, we’ll be with you in no time at all!


We have decades of experience providing Yorkshire home customers’ devices with the TLC they need to perform quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Anti-virus & malware support in York

Prevention is better than cure

A major cause of a broken, go-slow computer is viruses and malware. So, rather than dealing with the symptom further down the line, tackle the cause.

The techniques that online scammers use to gain their advantage are always evolving — which is why it pays to be a step ahead. That’s where the IT4Home team comes in.

Give yourself cybersecurity peace of mind with our leading real time antivirus and antimalware support services. Enjoy healthy, high-performance, completely secure home IT.

We’ll collect, repair and return your devices

Our team of York home IT support engineers are at your service.

Many of the most common home IT problems can be solved by our team without a home visit. Firstly, we’ll try to talk you through things, or remotely control and resolve your PC’s problems.

For those that need an in-person technical touch, we’ll be there in a jiffy. One of our qualified IT experts will pop round, give your devices a closer inspection and quickly get cracking on the repair.

We get your home IT back in the best of health

We diagnose issues and restore your devices to like-new working order.

Before you fork out for an expensive new computer, consider an IT4Home health check.

Memory, storage, processing, hardware, software — we give your desktop, laptop or tablet a thorough IT medical examination. Think of it like an MOT for your home technology; once we’ve had a look, it’ll be good to go!

Who we are

For over 20 years, we’ve been providing home IT services and technical support to homes and businesses in York and beyond. Slow devices, connectivity concerns, corrupted files — we’re here to help.

We’re a team of tech experts providing IT support services.

Wherever and whenever you need us, our qualified, friendly engineers will be able to help.

Fast, reliable and proven home IT experts with over two decades’ experience.