Small business IT support, services & solutions in York

From device repair through to remote working solutions and WiFi connectivity services, we help start-ups and SMEs to do business with seamless, cost-effective and hassle-free IT support.

Email to internet, servers to servicing and cybersecurity to cloud-based storage solutions — we make things simple. Call on our unrivalled expertise across all IT functions.

Whatever your issue, whether a one-off IT solution or an ongoing requirement, IT4Business is here to help.

Our IT solutions for small businesses


Computers and laptops are essential for day-to-day business, but they can break down or need upgrading.

WiFi & internet

Being well connected is crucial to almost every small business’ success.

Remote working

We help small businesses to offer seamless, secure and joined-up remote working for their employees.


Our team of technical experts offer priority support for all of our clients who choose a fully-managed IT solution.

Antivirus & antimalware

Protection from viruses, malware and other cyber threats is a critical aspect of any modern business IT strategy.

Emails & storage

We rely on email for internal and external communication, with storage or server mishaps potentially equally debilitating.

Servicing & performance

Our qualified engineers regularly monitor key system functions to maintain optimal IT performance.

Did you know that we also offer an IT design and consultancy service?

We’re able to review your small business’ complete IT system, carrying out a full assessment. This provides a long-term IT solution for your business, in excess of five years.

What does your business rely on when it comes to file storage, accountancy and so on? We’ll provide a bespoke solution that’s tailored to your small business’ needs.

Flexible home IT support in York

Whatever your tech issue or query, our reliable, professional team of qualified IT specialists have seen it all — and sorted it all.

Find a support package to suit you and your family’s needs, or simply enlist our expertise on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Membership plans

Our reliance on smart devices and home technology is always increasing. The cost and hassle associated with keeping everything running smoothly easily adds up.

Take all of the stress out of your home IT experience with one of our IT4Home Care Plans. We offer three membership packages to suit your pocket and position — personal, family and family & work.

Pay as you go

PC on a go-slow? Printer not playing ball? WiFi giving you grief? Or simply spilled coffee on your laptop?

We offer a handy ‘pay-as-you-go’ repair service for all your devices and home technology troubles. A team of IT experts at your service, whenever you need us — no membership needed.

Keeping all your business’ tech devices at peak performance

Computers, laptops, printers and other technology can slow down, need upgrading or sometimes break completely.

At best, a dodgy device can be a distraction; at worst, it can stop your business in its tracks. For whenever you need an IT expert to get your business and its technology back on its feet quickly, we can help.

We’ll see whether it’s something that can be solved remotely — you might be surprised at the amount of issues that can be resolved on the phone or through remote control!

If not, we provide speedy on-site repairs. We’ll hop in one of our minis and be on our way to you to get your business’ tech sorted in no time at all.

Fully-managed, always-on, super-fast WiFi & internet solutions for SMEs

Very few businesses can operate successfully without a fast, reliable internet connection.

Our affordable, fully-managed IT solutions ensure you’re set up, online and completely protected from any external threats like viruses and malware.

This can include tailoring of browsing restrictions and any other requirements for the smooth operation of your business.

Never have to think about your business’ internet speed, reliability or security ever again.

Joined-up remote working solutions that work

Ensuring you and your staff have everything they need to work from home effectively and efficiently.

Home working is part and parcel of the new business reality. We help start-ups and small businesses to ‘WFH’ successfully, assisting with setup, installation, ongoing maintenance, device repair and general technical support.

We can handle any and all aspects of your business IT so that your employees are ready to work remotely and are fully supported when doing so.

Rapid response support, whenever you need us

A whole team at your disposal — whenever something needs a technical IT touch!

Whatever IT issue you’re experiencing, all the technical support, expertise and answers you need are only a quick phone call away.

Fixing devices, dealing with connectivity concerns, solving server issues — we’ve seen absolutely everything and we’ll get it sorted in no time at all.

Hiring a dedicated IT specialist can be expensive and unnecessary. For a budget-friendly, convenient solution, choose us to be the IT arm of your business — a full team of tech experts, there whenever you need us.

Now that’s peace of mind.


To achieve the best solution, we work with the best.

Keeping your SME safe from external cyber threats

The cost of protecting against viruses and malware is a fraction of the price of recovering from one.

In the modern world, IT safety and security are paramount for any business. We have the expertise and experience in helping to drastically minimise the risks, offering your small business maximum online protection.

Our modern, dynamic antivirus and antimalware solutions will keep your small business running with no distracting IT hiccups. Prevention, or costly cure?

Email and storage support that your small business can rely on

Keeping things ticking behind the scenes.

Email is critical to a number of business functions, perhaps most critically, sales and external communications. We provide peace of mind about the performance of your email systems.

The health and performance of your storage solutions can be equally important. We have specific escalation procedures in place for storage and server maintenance. As Microsoft and Dell registered partners, we deliver within 4 hours, 24 hours a day.

Whether you need help fixing an on-premise system issue or are interested in exploring cloud-based software, we’ve got the answer.

Performing crucial servicing and maintenance for your business.

We keep all your key system functions operating smoothly, securely and speedily.

Regular servicing and monitoring means that common issues — such as disk space and back up failures — are quickly identified and easily resolved.

As part of our fully-managed small business IT solutions, our qualified engineers will provide support by regularly monitoring key system functions to maintain optimal computer performance.

We’ll also preemptively identify potential malfunctions or problem areas and implement server repair initiatives — before they cause any damage!

Who we are

We have over two decades’ experience in providing businesses in York and throughout Yorkshire with quality, cost-effective IT services to suit their specific needs.

Whether a turnkey, fully-managed IT solution or just a technical helping hand when needed, we’re here to help — so you can get back to focusing on your business.

We’re a team of tech experts providing IT support services to all of York and Yorkshire.

Wherever and whenever you need us, our qualified, friendly engineers will be able to help.

We’ve been providing fast, reliable and cost-effective business IT expertise for over 20 years.