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Holiday Park IT solutions and support

We understand your holiday park business. We've been operating in this sector for 15 years.
Here’s what We Are Your IT can do for you.

  • Thorough site assessment
    Evaluate your park layouts and networks to find weak spots. Check your park for Wi-Fi problems.
  • Scalable Wi-Fi setup
    Install flexible Wi-Fi across your park(s) for seamless coverage. Make that scalable and adaptable.
  • High-speed internet
    Partner for fast, reliable internet like fibre-optic to cope with large demand.
  • Strong security and access
    Protect the network; make it easy for guests and staff to log in securely and separately.
  • Proactive support and monitoring
    Find issues fast and help staff resolve them.

Join us in creating a seamless Wi-Fi experience across your parks! Gain better connectivity for your guests' enjoyment.

"“We wanted a seamless system that our guests could enjoy in the lodges, throughout the Dome bar, restaurant and spa. Having worked with the team at We Are Your IT previously, we knew we could deliver on our exacting standards and aspirations."
Miles Dewhurst
Managing Director, Yorkshire Spa Retreat
Lodges with private networks
High speed connectivity

Customised IT Support for Holiday Parks

Wi-Fi and internet

Ensure high-speed and secure connectivity, essential for supporting guest experience and seamless connectivity.

Cyber security

Protect sensitive information with cutting-edge security measures against the latest cyber threats, ensuring confidentiality and regulatory compliance.

Cloud and storage

Adopt cloud-based solutions for secure, scalable storage of company data, with expert assistance for a smooth transition from traditional methods.

Repairs and maintenance

Benefit from prompt, professional repairs and maintenance of your high-performance computing equipment, minimising downtime.

Networks solutions

Experience bespoke, strategic network solutions that prioritise the confidentiality of your business data and the integrity of guest access.

Remote Support

Gain access to clear, effective IT support that speaks your language, focusing on solutions that enhance your Holiday Park's efficiency and reliability.

High-speed, no-nonsense Wi-Fi and internet solutions for holiday parks

Reliable, fast connectivity — absolute bliss.

Whether you’re looking to optimise the speed and strength of the Wi-Fi in an existing park or need a helping hand kitting your new park out with an unbeatable solution, we’ve got you covered.

We’re the trusted IT arm of large businesses across all industries, sectors and verticals. We know what it takes to achieve optimum Wi-Fi performance, so everyone can focus on what matters most.

Start your solution

Keeping your holiday park safe in a world of cyber threats

Invest in a modern IT security solution.

Leave this crucial cornerstone of your business strategy in the hands of our IT experts. We partner with businesses to provide leading, fully-managed solutions for protection against viruses, malware and all other cyber threats. We’ve got you covered.


Integrated IT for Happy Holidays

Whether you need support with an existing system or want to move to a modern cloud-based solution.

Learn how we customise IT solutions to the unique atmosphere of your holiday park, ensuring guests have a seamless stay from check-in to check-out.

We help businesses to make this modern transition, delivering managed cloud solutions that work precisely for their needs.

Whether it’s firefighting an existing system issue or providing a seamless strategy for moving to a cloud solution, we are your IT.


Let us be your standby team of IT experts

Benefit from the experience of a whole team of IT specialists.

Outsourcing your IT can represent a smart, simple and cost-effective solution. We don’t deal with confusing technical jargon (unless, of course, you’d like us to!).

We have over 20 years’ experience servicing all the IT needs and requirements of large businesses. As your IT partner, our oodles of expertise are at your disposal with only a quick message or phone call. Now that’s peace of mind.


Strategic networking and IT infrastructure solutions for large scale holiday parks

Take your holiday parks IT to the next level with expert network design consultancy and support provided by our team.

In an industry where every moment counts, we make sure your IT infrastructure is invisible yet invaluable, enabling you to offer holidays that are both relaxing and digitally connected.

We’ll get to grips with your current IT situation, conducting a full assessment and discovering what you really rely on when it comes to file storage, accountancy and so on.

Afterwards, we’ll design and deliver a cost-effective, high-performance networking solution — as well as providing all the ongoing maintenance and network support you need.-effective, high-performance networking solution — as well as providing all the ongoing maintenance and network support you need.


Who we are and what we do

We're an experienced team of IT experts that understand the complex needs of businesses.

Our objective is to deliver transformable, scalable IT solutions that directly impact you, backed up with a first class support structure to ensure your people don't have a bad experience and your data is safe.

Staying secure

Keeping people and data segregated on safe secure networks suitable for the access they require.

Support and aftercare

Gain access to clear, effective IT support that speaks your language, focusing on solutions that enhance your efficiency and reliability.

Quality assutred

With over 20 years’ experience delivering business installations, we’ve got your solution sewn up.