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The Environment Bank works with landowners, property developers and local planning authorities to help them achieve ‘biodiversity net gain’ — an approach to development that aims to leave the natural environment in a measurably better state than before.

Providing expert consultancy, support and delivery, The Environment Bank works with a range of organisations to preserve and promote our habitats. Working at the forefront of their industry, The Environment Bank set out a plan for rapid expansion of their business.

In recognition of this, they approached We Are Your IT to provide IT managed services. The aim was to ensure that they could focus on delivering business success, underpinning that growth with robust IT support.

We delivered:

A strategically-designed IT system for a fast-growing business that can scale up in line with need.

A modern, secure cloud-based environment that facilitates remote working and cross-team collaboration.

Always-on technical support from our entire team of experienced IT engineers.

“We Are Your IT’s team of experts have worked quickly and creatively to support our business’ rapid growth, putting in place an IT solution that can scale up with our needs. To have confidence in our IT infrastructure is a breath of fresh air.

“As well as giving us all one less thing to think about, this new system enables our growing team to continue their collaborative work. We consider We Are Your IT to be our business’ IT arm and we’re excited to continue our journey with their support.”

Dana Foster

Head of Operations at The Environment Bank

The problem

The Environment Bank provides vital consultancy, support and solutions to their clients. With development schemes now being required to deliver a biodiversity net gain, demand has increased exponentially for The Environment Bank’s services. 

Indeed, the business has grown from four employees to over 20 — in only 12 months. The result?  The need for reliable IT support, ready to serve at short notice and able to respond in a fast-paced environment.

With a flexible approach to remote working and a dynamic working environment focused on collaboration and sharing, The Environment Bank’s existing tech infrastructure and support was recognised early on as not suitable for their high-growth ambitions.

Access to reliable, expert IT support came at a premium, with team members often having to solve their own IT issues — understandably detracting from work and productivity, as well as adding to stress levels!

Given The Environment Bank’s planned rate of growth, the current IT scenario was going to become an obvious hindrance to future expansion. How did we step in to keep the focused growth plan right on track?

The Environment Bank works with a range of organisations to preserve and promote our habitats. Working at the forefront of their industry, The Environment Bank set out a plan for rapid expansion of their business.
Our solution

We kicked things off with a comprehensive review of The Environment Bank’s current and future domain hosting situation and their 365 accounts.

Following this, we provided the client with hardware and support for up to 20 people, supported by a cloud-based storage solution hosted through Microsoft Sharepoint — a modern solution for workplace collaboration.

With improved security and access to systems, The Environment Bank’s new IT solution is underpinned by responsive remote and onsite technical support.

The results

We Are Your IT provided The Environment Bank with a simple, smart IT system that works perfectly for their needs, able to scale up seamlessly in line with growth; a collaborative, modern and secure cloud-based environment that can be relied upon.

Perhaps just as importantly, The Environment Bank can now have confidence in fast, reliable, always-on support: direct access to a full team of outsourced IT experts. With this peace of mind, the client can press ahead with their focused growth plan with no unnecessary distractions.

We’re thrilled to have partnered with The Environment Bank and can’t wait to continue our management and support of their IT needs as they continue their growth.

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