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We helped Secerna leverage the transition to cloud based infrastructure to advance their cyber security protection.

Secerna set out to provide an alternative patent attorney to the large firms. Over the last 15 years they have gone from strength to strength, developing a reputation for excellence, deep sector experience, and a passion for helping clients achieve their goals. Part of that success has been how they have embraced and utilised IT in support of their business goals.

We delivered:

Transitioned from on-premise to fully cloud solution

Achievement of Cyber Essentials Accreditiation

Positioning Secerna as a forward thinking firm

“We Are Your IT has become a dependable partner for our ever-evolving IT needs. Their friendly and professional team excels at handling urgent requests, like hardware fixes and connectivity issues. They've been instrumental in streamlining our onboarding process for new staff, ensuring a smooth transition into our company. 

 We also appreciate their commitment to cybersecurity, giving us peace of mind as we navigate the digital landscape.  Beyond reactive support, they've proactively assisted us in improving our internet speeds and installing new equipment, contributing to a more efficient workflow.”

Jason Boakes


Our Challenge

Secerna, a firm specialising in intellectual property, was faced with the task of transitioning from an on-premises system to a cloud-based environment. The primary concern was ensuring the utmost security of their sensitive data during and after the transition. Given the nature of their work involving international intellectual property, the challenge was to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of their data while improving operational efficiency.

Our Solution

We Are Your IT, with their vast experience and understanding of Secerna’s specific needs, managed this transition over an 18-month period. The solution not only involved moving operations to the cloud, but also focussed intensively on cybersecurity. Recognising the increased risks associated with cloud-based operations, especially for a firm dealing with intellectual property, the focus was on implementing robust cybersecurity measures and user management practices. This proactive approach was aimed at mitigating potential threats and ensuring the inviolability of Secerna’s data.

The Results

The collaboration resulted in a transformative change for Secerna. By moving to the cloud and strengthening their cybersecurity measures, they have modernised their operations and fortified their defences against cyber threats. This strategic move has allowed Secerna to maintain its leadership in the intellectual property space, ensuring the security of their client’s sensitive data. It underscores the value of a proactive, security-first approach in the cloud era, positioning Secerna as a forward-thinking firm that clients can trust with their most valuable assets.

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