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As part of on-going continuous improvement and risk management activities, Abingdon Health identified the need for IT enhancements to support their substantial and rapid growth throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We helped our  client to achieve a dynamic, high-performance, integrated, and robust IT environment fit for purpose to support business growth.

In simple terms, complete IT peace of mind and an IT environment in the very best of health.

We delivered:

A strategic, bespoke and innovative IT transformation for a leading UK healthcare manufacturer: taking a system that needed upgrading to meet new, changing demands of the business.

A transformation project delivered over an 8-month period, keeping users connected so that the business could continue to function as normal.

Layered security across all areas of the business with a disaster recovery system that ensures business continuity — should the worst happen.

“The team at We Are Your IT have enhanced our IT infrastructure and experience and continue to act as our IT partner. They have delivered and continue to manage an IT solution that enables us to meet our business objectives and continued growth.

We Are Your IT continue to support us at every turn — from assisting with the implementation of policies, procedures and processes through to day-to-day technical support. As we continue to expand our business operations, we look forward to our ongoing partnership."

Amanda King

IT and Change Director at Abingdon Health

The problem

Abingdon Health is a world leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality lateral flow rapid tests across all industry sectors, including healthcare and COVID-19. Operating in the health manufacturing industry, the client naturally has access to a range of sensitive information — its safeguard and security being critical.

With the expansion of operations set to continue, Abingdon Health identified risks with the previous IT solution. It presented potential security vulnerabilities, restrictive data backup provisions and inflexibilities in matching the demand of a changing and growing manufacturing business. 

With a newly-appointed Director of IT at this point, Abingdon Health approached We Are Your IT.

Our solution

Any solution needed to be integrated, reliable, robust, secure and able to scale up flexibly in line with need.

We began with an IT audit of the existing system, which formed the basis of an IT roadmap for change. This change programme was designed to be delivered with minimal disruption to the business, based on future design and then planning key stages accordingly.

We re-engineered Abingdon Health’s IT infrastructure. Working closely with the client, we gained a forensic understanding of their current needs and ways of working, helping to inform and formulate the new systems and processes. 

We audited all the user devices, ensuring a continuous development plan that keeps devices current and compliant. This helps Abingdon Health to better plan for, and manage, their assets.

We implemented a layered approach to security. From the incoming internet connection through to the user devices, we ensured that Abingdon Health are protecting themselves from all potential threats.

To complement this, the implementation of a robust data recovery system means that in the event of a catastrophic failure, Abingdon Health could be back up and operating within 24 hours.

With such a large, multidisciplinary team and clients that rely on smooth functionality and performance, our solution involved improving their service desk support structure for users.

By becoming the IT arm of their business, We Are Your IT have replaced the reliance on one IT engineer and grown in-house knowledge of the client to support them successfully.  We continue to provide ongoing maintenance and support, guidance and best practice as well as keeping Abingdon Health informed on upcoming technologies and trends.

The results

Flexible, robust and backed by consistent, reliable processes, Abingdon Health’s IT system can now act as a bedrock for future business growth and expansion. With a dynamic disaster recovery plan firmly in place, the risk of catastrophic system failures is reduced significantly, and business recovery can be swift.

We didn’t just overhaul Abingdon Health’s complete IT infrastructure, but their philosophy and approach to IT. We moved to a proactive, forward-thinking solution that is designed with future needs in mind — forging new ways of thinking and new best practices.

This cohesive system is backed by responsive, adaptive user support and industry-leading system security. The client now benefits from a documented and traceable view of all their devices.

Of course, Abingdon Health can also rely on the unwavering support of our entire team of expert IT engineers for implementation of their new policies and procedures and any ongoing support.

The best part: the client couldn’t be happier with the delivery, performance and ongoing maintenance of their new IT environment!

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