Small business IT support, services & solutions in York

Looking to hook up a new premises with ultra-fast, super-reliable internet connectivity? Need a helping hand optimising the coverage of an existing WiFi solution? Struggling with your speed or signal strength?

For absolutely anything related to business broadband and WiFi, we’ve got the answer. In York and throughout Yorkshire, we provide start-ups and small businesses with fully-managed WiFi support services that they can rely on.

That’s one less thing to think about — so everyone can get back to business.

Getting your small business connected with cost-effective solutions

In a new In a new premises? New business looking to get connected?

We help SMEs in York and throughout Yorkshire to get their connectivity off the ground — whether moving offices or starting up as a new business.

Our affordable solutions are designed with your business in mind. After all, budget is absolutely critical for any business, particularly new or small enterprises. 

WiFi coverage optimisation and signal improvement services for small businesses

Get the most out of your connectivity experience at work.

Unreliable, snail-pace speeds are no fun at the best of times — particularly so when business depends on it, or you need to crack on with some important work.

We know all there is to know about getting you out of WiFi blackspots, enhancing your on-site WiFi coverage or boosting a limp signal.

Signalling snags? Router problems? We’ll find out the source of your WiFi woes and put things right in no time at all.


To achieve the best solution, we work with the best.

Fully-managed WiFi and internet solutions for small businesses

We ensure you’re set up, online and completely protected from any external threats.

We can take care of it all, right down to the minutiae, including tailoring of browsing restrictions and any other requirements for the smooth operation of your business. For a cost-effective connectivity solution for your start-up or small business, we’re here.

Technical support and expertise for any business WiFi, broadband or internet issue

Whatever your problem, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

For any business WiFi query or problem, you know where we are. Our experienced IT engineers are only a quick message or phone call away.

Think of us as the IT arm of your small business, keeping you up and running with high-speed connectivity; your reliable source of IT information on any issue.

Who we are

We provide businesses in York and the Yorkshire region with all the outsourced IT support they could possibly need to succeed.

Whether a fully-managed solution or a one-off helping hand, our tech experts have the answer.

We’re a York-based team of IT experts providing tech support services to small businesses.

Our experienced team of IT engineers will be able to help with any tech issue, repair or query.

We’ve been providing no-nonsense, cost-effective business IT expertise for over two decades.